Handicap Accessible Kitchen Remodeling

Having a kitchen that is accessible is one of the keys to independent living. A disability shouldn’t prevent someone who loves to cook from continuing their passion. We will work with you to create a completely functional and beautiful, wheelchair accessible kitchen. Accessible Home Living specializes in remodeling kitchens for homeowners with disabilities who may need special design considerations for accessibility and independence.

Photo courtesy www.universaldesignstyle.com

Photo courtesy www.universaldesignstyle.com

Our team includes Certified Aging in Place Specialists (CAPS), and people living with disabilities so we have first-hand knowledge of the challenges

We consider all options such as installing light switches on both sides of the door for people who suffer from paralysis and moving outlets and switches to heights that can be easily accessed from a wheelchair.

Most importantly, Accessible Home Living will insure that your kitchen remodeling project is not only accessible but beautiful. Our architect and designer will work closely with you, providing kitchen remodeling ideas, drafting a kitchen layout, and assisting you with cabinet selection, countertops, flooring, colors and even choosing the right appliances.

Our handicap accessible kitchen redesigns include:

Wheel Chair Accessible Cooktops


Many appliance manufacturers now offer wheelchair accessible cooktops in both gas and electric, from Thermador to GE. These cooktops are lower for easier access and we will install cabinet doors underneath in order for a person in a wheelchair to roll underneath. Cooktops can also be motorized to be lowered and raised in order to accommodate both the person in the wheelchair as well as other family members.


Wheel Chair Accessible Sinks


Simple but important modifications are a factor in handicap accessible kitchen sinks. At Accessible Home Living we are experts in designing, installing and remodeling all elements of a handicap accessible kitchen, including installing sinks that can be used by people of all abilities. In
many cases a sink can be installed that is motorized to be lowered or raised to accommodate the user. The basin should be shallow in order for a person either standing or sitting in a wheelchair to work. The drain is placed in the rear so that the piping underneath will not prevent a person in a wheelchair from rolling underneath. The pipes should be insulated to prevent scalding. Also, the faucet should be a singer lever, which is a component in Universal Design.


Having a hose on the faucet, which should be single lever, will allow for easier use in rinsing food.
Sliding drawers can be installed onto both sides of the sink for easy storage of cleaning products and long, rather than wide prep areas will make the entire area accessible to someone in a wheelchair.




Wheel Chair Accessible Countertops and Cabinets

AccesibleKitchenIn order to make countertops useful for someone in a wheelchair they must be at the proper height. The recommended countertop height is a minimum of 28″ and should be no higher than 34″ (32″ is preferred). Space for knees requires at least a 24″ height from the floor and approximately 30″ in width. Cabinets can be mounted or lowered to be closer to the countertop and include pull-out cutting boards, slide-out or roll-out shelves and baskets, and drawers with full extension glides. Cabinets and countertops can be motorized to rise and lower to accommodate all members of the family. If you love your existing cabinets, there’s no need to change them! A motor can be easily installed behind them without any damage.